Welcome to Asia Pacific. A veritable melting pot of cultures and traditions, this region can be tricky for Western B2B companies to navigate. Language barriers aside, there are many different laws and even social mores you have to carefully thread through.

What works in one country or region may not apply to another. Take Singapore and Thailand, for example. Singapore’s pro-business environment and international connectivity attract financial institutions and FinTechs, while Thailand’s massive domestic market presents strong opportunities for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. And Southeast Asia and Australia are at very different levels of market maturity, requiring different approaches to product positioning.

Given the complexity of catering to every market’s unique needs, it is imperative to deploy only the best sales teams to support any discerning business looking to expand into Asia Pacific.

Sales as a Service is the answer to this puzzle. In this article, we take a look at what Sales as a Service is and how it works to help your business prosper in Asia Pacific. Here’s a summary of what this article will cover:

  • What is Sales as a Service?
  • Components of Sales as a Service
  • How AccelerAsia accelerates your business in APAC

What is Sales as a Service?

Not to be confused with Software as a Service (SaaS), Sales as a Service is fundamentally a concept where a company outsources its sales-related tasks to achieve its business goals. It often shares a symbiotic relationship with internal sales teams to offer specialised services or functions.

The breadth of sales resources that are outsourced includes:

  • Dedicated sales teams
  • Technology
  • Data analysis

Beyond outsourcing, Sales as a Service provides businesses with dedicated sales teams and software that can expertly manage part or all of their sales operations.

Components of Sales as a Service

Now that you have a clearer basic understanding of Sales as a Service, let’s move on to examine its components. In general, companies can choose to employ one or more of the components below to boost their businesses:

1. Dedicated sales team

As their name suggests, dedicated sales teams devote themselves to learning the products, culture, and brand of the clients they serve. While these sales teams are technically outsourced, they still serve as key representatives of their clients’ companies.

By outsourcing their sales, businesses eliminate the hassle of recruiting, training and managing in-house sales staff. If they have internal sales resources, these teams are freed up to focus on bigger initiatives like strategies and management.

2. Data analytics tools

Data gathering and analytics are essential in this digital age and integral to building and informing any sales outreach strategy. However, the process of gathering and analysing data can be tedious and expensive.

This is where Sales as a Service companies step in, doing the legwork with their best-of-class data analytics tools in their arsenal. Companies are empowered to craft a more optimised strategy to expand their businesses with the data and information they produce.

3. Sales technology

Sales-as-a-service companies have access to cutting-edge sales technology such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, voice artificial intelligence (AI), and automation. These tools help sales representatives optimise their sales processes, improving their overall time management and customer data analysis.

When used correctly, sales technology can be vital in helping businesses enter new markets.

How AccelerAsia accelerates your sales in Asia Pacific

At AccelerAsia, we go beyond just the three core components of Sales as a Service. We specialise in bringing your business into Asia Pacific, navigating this fragmented region’s intricacies on your behalf to help you prosper.

Our dedicated sales teams are more than just an extension of your internal sales. They are hyper-localised, meaning that they actually live and work in the countries they operate in.

This equips them with deep knowledge and expertise you can’t find anywhere else. Our sales teams are well-versed in local colloquialisms, making them the most suitable representatives to connect your business’s vision and goals to the right people and organisations.

On top of that, AccelerAsia also has team continuity and flexibility. We can deploy and scale our sales teams quickly with minimal risk. Your business will always be covered by the right people, as we ensure that our team’s expertise is aligned with your products and target markets.

Interested in working with AccelerAsia to kick-start your business growth across APAC? Chat with our team today.

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