Bridging the Marketing and Enterprise Sales teams, the Sales Development team focuses on the initial stages of the sales cycle, evaluating the quality of leads and identifying prospects with high potential to conduct business with your company.

They keep the sales pipeline brimming with high-quality Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs), so the Enterprise Sales specialists can close more deals faster.

Our Approach


Our Approach

Automate and Optimise

Having an integrated automated solution helps to generate qualified pipelines with less effort. It allows the team to handle large volumes of inbound leads, optimise sales workflows, and ultimately build a sales pipeline that can be quickly passed over to the Enterprise Sales team to develop.

Sales Outreach

Our team of Sales Development Representatives have substantial experience in combining outbound strategies and in creating new leads through account research, cold calling, email outreach and LinkedIn prospecting. The qualification call is the next critical step in determining whether a lead or prospect is a good fit for your product or service.

Effective Communicators

Our Sales Development experts can skillfully open new conversations with senior stakeholders in different organisations across multiple industry verticals.

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